How To Engage An Escort In Las Vegas Without Getting Caught!

First of all, there are two reasons you may be caught for. The first is that you could be busted in a police undercover sting which is terrible and the second is that you could be found out that you have actually brought an escort and not your real partner to an event at Vegas.

Let us go through the steps so that you do not get caught either way.

First of all, if you are engaging an escort for the purpose of sexual services – STOP RIGHT HERE. You are engaging an escort for the wrong reason. You should get out of Clark County and go to a legal brothel. The reason you should be engaging an escort should simply be either having a pretend-romantic companion who is also very beautiful with you or to have a stand-in partner to accompany you to an event to make you look great. If you are looking for other services – uh oh! You are always in danger of being busted by the police. However, if you engage escorts for the real reason you should engage them for, then you are always on the safe side of the law (obviously)!

Second of all, not all escorts are true professionals. Some cannot even speak English properly, while others dress up like hookers (even if they are not one). A real escort simply looks like a drop dead gorgeous model who is very good at acting and pretending to be your girlfriend, make you feel comfortable around her immediately and act all lovey-dovey with you. To get such a professional escort, you need to engage only the best in Vegas, and some of the most recommended ones you can engage are from VegasDream, Bunnies Of Las Vegas, SinCityExperience. Only get those models from online – they are generally higher quality and the escorts usually look like their photographs versus if you had tried to engage a ridiculously cheap escort from the cards you receive along the strip.

Unveiling Insider Secrets Of The Las Vegas Escorts Industry

The escort industry in America is that of a secretive nature, something underlying the entire Las Vegas strip.

Many people falsely believe that it is equal to prostitution, but that cannot be further from the truth. Prostitution is illegal under all circumstances in Vegas, Clark County. However, escorts have always been operating legally and are regulated. There is a huge difference and the video below describes it.

Also, many people believe that the escorts are operated by mafia groups or violent criminal cartels, but in reality, it is simply operated by regular businessmen.

Check out the above video to learn more about the entire escort industry in Las Vegas. If you want a recommendation instead, then you may want to visit VegasDreamEscorts, a website with lots of independent escort listings in Las Vegas.

Why Do Girls Become Escorts In Las Vegas?

There are several reasons women become escorts, and the following are some of them.

1. The money

First of all, they want the extra money. This is obviously one of the main reasons why many women in Vegas become escorts. Vegas is one of the most popular spots for escorts demand in America, and thus many locals flock here to become an escort and cash in on this gigantic and stable trend. Because the demand here is the largest in the entire country and is stable all year round, escorts here have a more stable income than if they had worked elsewhere in the country.

2. They like older and richer men

Second of all, most girls like slightly older men who are also successful. Most men who engage social escorts are also older men, and are very wealthy. This makes it the perfect combination between powerful men and beautiful women. Thus, many girls who like such men become escorts without much consideration.

3. They like the freedom it provides them with

Thirdly, whether they are working under an agency or as independent escorts, the girls will definitely experience a work life which is much freer than that of any corporate 9 to 5pm job. This freedom and the entire gig economy that is taking over the world is only becoming more and more important among millennials and soon, even younger generations of people around the world, and Vegas is no exception.

4. It is a way to enter the ‘high life/baller lifestyle’

Usually, only wives of rich men will be able to experience such a ‘baller’ lifestyle and go to posh events with lots of wealthy people in society gathering. However, being an escort means that these girls will also have the chance to access these lifestyles easily. Of course, not every escort will have the chance, only those who look very classy and elegant are able to gain access and get engaged by clients. Here is a escort website in Vegas,, which only caters to wealthy clients who want to engage the classiest and most elegant escorts in Vegas.

5. It is one of the fastest, legitimate way to make a lot of income for young people

There is no other legal job, which allows people to make so much money within such a short period of time, at such a young age. Even lawyer and doctor employees are paid slightly below that. Being an escort model if you are attractive is akin to being a socialite, and you get paid a lot for it.

Of course, the only ‘caveat’ for these escorts is that they also have to entertain clients whether or not they like the clients and/or if they find them less than appealing in terms of appearance.

It is not an easy job, but it pays very well for the right women.

What Is The Girlfriend Experience And Why Men Want It

Some people think that only women may want romantic companionship, but that is not true. Did you know that many men are willing to pay for romantic companionship Рotherwise known as the girlfriend experience? That is why escort websites like are also selling the girlfriend experience.

Not every man has the time nor ability to date multiple gorgeous girlfriends throughout their lives. This could be due to various and multiple different reasons. For example, perhaps their careers make them too busy, or they are not able to socialize ‘normally’ at a bar with women. Whatever the reason is, there is definitely demand for the girlfriend experience – for many men around the world have never truly felt companionship by a gorgeous woman before. Paying for an escort is definitely the best way to experience this and instantaneously.

Now, escorts are different from prostitutes, but even legal prostitutes in Nevada also find that the demand for GFE is very high.

If you would like to order the girlfriend experience, before you find an escort, make sure to check out my review of the top 5 escort websites in Las Vegas to make sure you make the right choice!

How To Ensure The Escort You Engage Looks Like Her Photos

Expecting and hiring a bombshell escort while in Vegas from her photos only to see a completely and drastically different looking escort turn up in real life is a big disappointment, and puts a damper on your mood. Here are some tips and tricks to ensure that the escort you engage actually looks like her photographs.

  • Step 1: Only deal with agencies or aggregated websites e.g. Vegas Dream and here’s their Twitter if you want to contact them easily through social media instead of messaging It is well known that independent escorts using 100% fake photographs like to lurk heavily on dodgy unverified sites like Craigslist, Backpage e.t.c. Avoid those like the plague if you want to ensure that the escort you engage actually looks like her photographs – yes this means that they are usually not cheap. Beautiful escorts look cheap on Backpage because those photographs are not even real!
  • Step 2: Ask the agency/website manager if the photos are real. You will be surprised that sometimes they place a similar looking photo to the escort online, but it’s not the actual photo of her. Only upon contacting them will you be sent the real photos. Sometimes, this is not the case though. So, either way, just make sure to ask them for real photos.
  • Step 3: Look at the quality of the photographs. Do they look like they are taken by an amateur (but still nice looking), or do the photos look like that of a world renowned supermodel? There is no guarantee that overly professional looking photographs are fake, but the chances of them being fake are slightly higher. This leads us to the next step.
  • Step 4: If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If you see a photograph of an actual Hollywood A lister, chances are, it’s definitely fake. If they are a B-lister e.t.c., it is more likely to be real. But anyway, make sure to use your gut feeling to judge the accuracy as well.
  • Step 5: JUST PICK one. Some clients pick and pick photographs, analyzing them so hard, and then not choosing an escort in the end. That’s not the right way to engage an escort in Vegas. You will probably be blacklisted for wasting everyone’s time. Only talk to the websites/agencies if you are serious about booking.

So there you go!

Top 5 Reviews Of Las Vegas’ Best Escort Websites

Escort Vegas

If you are intending to visit Vegas within the next few weeks or months, and are loaded with cash waiting to splurge it all on a few beautiful escorts – WAIT.

Here are the 5 reviews of Las Vegas’ best escort websites & agencies.

First of all, it would be none other than Bunnies of Las Vegas. One of Las Vegas’ largest escort websites, if you checked out their website, they have a plethora of choices, ranging from Asian to Blonde and Ebony escorts available. Of course, just like any other agency or website, not every model listed on the website are available at any given moment and any given date, as some of them are simply visiting escorts from another State in the United States of America. I would say one of their biggest strengths is that they truly have one of the largest selections of models available in Vegas. Looks wise though, I would definitely not recommend them as the top.

Second of all, it would be Vegas Dream Escorts, simply because. One of the fast rising Vegas escort websites, they list some of the most beautiful escorts you can ever find in the entire America. In fact, they are well known for many well known figures engaging their models to red carpet gala events e.t.c. If you are loaded and want to meet the best of the best, find Vegas Dream Escorts, they truly provide some of the best female companions in Vegas.

Next of all, RideWorks is also another website you should look into. They are unique in that they do not just have escorts based in Vegas, but also Miami and Manhattan. If you are a constant traveller between these places, you may want to look at RideWorks, in particular for Manhattan and Miami. For Vegas, you have way too many choices that I wouldn’t recommend RideWorks in particular.

Fourth of all, Sin City Experience. While I wouldn’t be able to find any particularly strong points about them, something unique about them is that they actually accept Bitcoins. So I would say if you are a Bitcoin millionaire and need to offload some of them Bitcoins, perhaps Sin City Experience is a good choice for you to do so discreetly!

Finally, Runway Escorts. One of my 5 favorites (the other top 4 are listed above), Runway Escorts also provides some of the most beautiful girls you can ever find in Vegas. The only caveat? Many of their girls are usually not available, and the actual number of escorts available on any given day is actually relatively low compared to other escort agencies and websites. Without that, it would definitely be a great choice!

So there you go. Hopefully my reviews have made you more sure about which agency or website you want to pick while in Vegas! Remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! Have fun playing in the famous Sin City!

The Top 7 Best Things To Do In Las Vegas

As a single guy travelling to Vegas, I am sure you have lots of thoughts on your mind about how to move around Las Vegas and enjoy the city the way it’s meant to be enjoyed.

Here’s the top 7 things you MUST do in Vegas.

    1. XS at Wynn Encore

      One of the reasonably priced nightclubs in Las Vegas yet with some of the biggest names in DJs performing there, XS at Wynn is definitely one of the top places you must go to in Las Vegas. This is especially so if you are a single guy (you probably are since you’re reading this post), because the women there are absolutely insanely gorgeous!
    2. Bellagio Poker Room

      No trip to Vegas is complete without some gambling. Of course, I assume you are a responsible adult and know how to control your gambling. If you play poker, this is one of the best places to go to if you hate smoke. It is smoke free and has 24 hours table-side dining. Perfect for the poker enthusiast guy.
    3. Bellagio Fountain
      Bellagio Fountain

      This is not specific to just single guys, but everybody who visits Las Vegas. You must see the nightly fountain show at the Bellagio. It’s a grand sight to see, and definitely has the glitz and showy Las Vegas is absolutely famous for.
    4. Venus at Caesars Palace
      If you like hot girls in Vegas, and girls sunbathing and partying in their bikini or even topless (legally), then Venus is definitely a must go (just go). There are several of such places in Vegas, but Venus is definitely the most recommended ones, with the most beautiful women, as well as the entire pool area being spacious enough to not feel claustrophobic.
    5. Vegas Dream Escorts

      One of the favorite and most recommended things that all single guys should do in Vegas is partying with an escort. Vegas Dream Escorts is one of the hottest choices you can find in Las Vegas. Here is their Tumblr page:
    6. Villas at Mirage
      For the loaded guys, this is definitely one of the hottest villas you can find in Las Vegas. Choose whether you want to invite some of your bros over, or get some escorts and party. Your choice.
    7. The Roller Coaster
      One of the most unique roller coasters in the world, this roller coaster in Vegas, Nevada goes around several buildings within the Las Vegas strip. One of the most unique and ‘open’ feeling roller coasters (as you travel over roads and beside buildings), it is an experience you must try if you are a thrill seeker.