Why Engaging Courier Companies Is Better Than Deliverymen

In Singapore, courier services can be really affordable and convenient, and this can seriously tilt the argument between engaging courier services and hiring an in house deliveryman in Singapore.

When you engage a courier firm in Singapore, you only pay for deliveries when you need them. Basically, if there are no deliveries for the day or month, you will not need to pay a single cent for delivery or courier services. However, when there are, you only pay for what you need and nothing more! When you hire a deliveryman, you would need to pay for the vehicle lease (often a van), his salary, CPF (for Singaporeans and PRs) and any other related business expenses regardless of the delivery volume that he does for that month. This means that on the months with low delivery volume, you would be potentially losing money.

When you engage courier services in Singapore, you would not need to worry about the leave schedule or medical leave for the courier. All these mundane issues will be dealt with by the courier company and all you need to focus on is your business. You would not need to keep yourself busy for these issues. On the other hand, if you were to engage and hire your own deliveryman, you will need to deal with everything related to his or her leave schedule, and any unexpected medical leaves as well. These can impact your business quite substantially if you only have 1 deliveryman. Engaging a courier company is definitely the better choice in this case.

In certain countries where courier services can cost a lot, it is recommended that you hire your own deliveryman and lease vehicles (it’s cheaper to lease vehicles in countries other than Singapore). However, in Singapore, where motor vehicles are so expensive, it would add up to a very significant amount and that is why hiring your own deliveryman is so much more expensive than simply engaging the delivery services of a local Singapore courier company.

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