About Us – Tuangoulian

Hello everyone, this is Tuangoulian, a Vietnamese turned Singaporean who lives in Singapore now and runs this blog to educate passionate music learners about mastering the piano.

Piano has always been a love of my life, simply because I was awed by how peaceful and wonderful and grand a pianist sounded at a hotel ballroom in Singapore when I was just 5 years old (the first time I stepped into Singapore!). Ever since, I have fallen in love with the piano, and always begged my parents to teach me piano, until they finally gave it. They got me a standing U5 piano and got me the best private home music teacher I could ever ask for.

Ever since, I have been playing the piano daily for over 15 years. Now I am 21 years old, and am here to share my love of the piano with everyone with this music blog!

If you’re a completely beginner, start off with my post here on how to play piano pop songs for beginners!