3 Big Benefits Of Playing Piano For Brain Development

Here are the 3 biggest benefits of playing the piano. If you want to look for a piano teacher in Singapore instead, then look forĀ https://twitter.com/sglearnpiano/, a local piano teacher match up agency with students.

First of all, sight reading the piano is one of the toughest mental workouts you can have. This is because your eyes must follow the music while the hands play it nearly instantaneously. The ability to sight read is akin to knowing a foreign language. Great and fast hand eye coordination is necessary as well as a result.

Second of all, playing the piano means that your hands are able to develop independent coordination. This is because both hands are doing different things at the same time. By learning separate hand coordination, you activate different areas of the brain all at once. Most in Singapore are very good only at either creativity related work or numbers related work. However, good piano players will grow up to be adults who are equally capable at both types of work. This means that you or your child will stand a higher chance at succeeding in life if you are better at both as a result of having learnt to play the piano!

Third of all, to play the piano effectively, you will need to know both theory as well as practical. As a result of learning the piano, you will definitely stimulate your brain in ways that no STEM related subjects in school would have taught you. Learning art and craft will also not stimulate your brain as much as playing the piano. This is simply because learning to play the piano requires a combination of both the arts as well as logic. Piano playing is a great brain exercise, and is definitely much more fun than doing Sudoku. You can also listen to great songs while playing the piano! You will also be seen as more cool at parties simply because you can play the piano while others can’t!

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