The Top 7 Best Things To Do In Las Vegas

As a single guy travelling to Vegas, I am sure you have lots of thoughts on your mind about how to move around Las Vegas and enjoy the city the way it’s meant to be enjoyed.

Here’s the top 7 things you MUST do in Vegas.

    1. XS at Wynn Encore

      One of the reasonably priced nightclubs in Las Vegas yet with some of the biggest names in DJs performing there, XS at Wynn is definitely one of the top places you must go to in Las Vegas. This is especially so if you are a single guy (you probably are since you’re reading this post), because the women there are absolutely insanely gorgeous!
    2. Bellagio Poker Room

      No trip to Vegas is complete without some gambling. Of course, I assume you are a responsible adult and know how to control your gambling. If you play poker, this is one of the best places to go to if you hate smoke. It is smoke free and has 24 hours table-side dining. Perfect for the poker enthusiast guy.
    3. Bellagio Fountain
      Bellagio Fountain

      This is not specific to just single guys, but everybody who visits Las Vegas. You must see the nightly fountain show at the Bellagio. It’s a grand sight to see, and definitely has the glitz and showy Las Vegas is absolutely famous for.
    4. Venus at Caesars Palace
      If you like hot girls in Vegas, and girls sunbathing and partying in their bikini or even topless (legally), then Venus is definitely a must go (just go). There are several of such places in Vegas, but Venus is definitely the most recommended ones, with the most beautiful women, as well as the entire pool area being spacious enough to not feel claustrophobic.
    5. Vegas Dream Escorts

      One of the favorite and most recommended things that all single guys should do in Vegas is partying with an escort. Vegas Dream Escorts is one of the hottest choices you can find in Las Vegas. Here is their Tumblr page:
    6. Villas at Mirage
      For the loaded guys, this is definitely one of the hottest villas you can find in Las Vegas. Choose whether you want to invite some of your bros over, or get some escorts and party. Your choice.
    7. The Roller Coaster
      One of the most unique roller coasters in the world, this roller coaster in Vegas, Nevada goes around several buildings within the Las Vegas strip. One of the most unique and ‘open’ feeling roller coasters (as you travel over roads and beside buildings), it is an experience you must try if you are a thrill seeker.

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