How To Play Pop Songs On Piano For Beginners – Tips

Regardless of the type of pop song you want to play, here are some tips and tricks that every piano beginner should know to help master playing of pop songs as quickly as possible.

  1. If you are a Singaporean/Asian (females in particular), you would probably have smaller hands than men or Caucasians. Therefore, what you will find is that playing certain arpeggios or octaves would be pretty difficult on the piano. However, most piano teachers will teach you to play with your fingers curved. Although that is perfectly right, and that’s the ideal, it will be too difficult for you to keep your fingers curved and still hit the right notes properly if your hands are too small. Therefore, it is ok if you flatten your fingers a little while playing such far away notes on the piano if you cannot reach it.
  2. A great tip for you is to first get the gist of the whole song down first. I know many beginners who start playing the piano are perfectionists (especially for music students in perfectionist Singapore), and want to practice a little by little and make sure that every single piano key is pressed as perfectly as it can possibly be pressed and never missing 1 note ever. However, if you do this, you will be frustrated by the lack of progress, as you will take forever to master the song. A far better way, although it may be contradictory to piano beginners’ beliefs, is that you should first play through the entire song first. It clearly does not need to be perfect, but you should get the gist of the piano song’s overall mood and tune. Do this several times even though you may miss a note or hit the wrong key from time to time. Once you have practised this way at least 10 times on the piano, then you can start tackling your favourite pop song bits by pieces.
  3. There will always be a difficult version and an easy version of a pop song online. ALWAYS look for the easy version first. You wouldn’t jump from elementary 1 to university. Likewise, you want to start from the easy piano version of your favourite pop song first. Additionally, mastering the easy version gives you confidence, and you will be able to progress. With progress, comes even more confidence, and you will be tempted to keep playing and mastering all of your favourite pop songs on the piano! If you start off with the super hard ones, you are going to have a very bad time in the future, and you will be demotivated easily.

Of course, all the tips in the world wouldn’t help you as much as a good piano teacher in Singapore can help you. But for now, make sure to watch the following video and learn some more tips on playing pop songs on the piano within minutes!