Private Piano Teacher Salary In Singapore – How Much Can You Make?

Becoming a private piano teacher and living a self empl0yed lifestyle is definitely a very good way to live in Singapore. Even if you don’t intend to make it a full time gig, you may want some good supplementary income. This is especially important in Singapore where real estate prices are through the roof! Even a small HDB flat costs a bomb, therefore, you will want to put your skills to full use.

First of all, I am assuming that you have at least a Grade 8 ABRSM or Diploma equivalent qualifications. If that is the case, then how much you make per lesson varies greatly on the type of students you take in. Price you can charge differ not based on age or student’s family’s income, but is dependent on which grade you are being hired to teach. The higher the grade you are teaching, the more expensive it is. Here is a list which shows the estimated monthly range (for 4 lessons) you can be expecting to charge and still get loads of students in Singapore (lessons Grade 4 and below are 45 minutes long while those above are 1 hour):

  • Grade 1 – $140 to $170
  • Grade 2 – $150 to $180
  • Grade 3 – $160 to $190
  • Grade 4 – $170 to $200
  • Grade 5 – $190 to $240
  • Grade 6 – $210 to $260
  • Grade 7 – $250 to $280
  • Grade 8 – $250 to $320
  • Diploma – $300 to $400

Second of all, the prices you can charge is also partly dependent on the student’s location and accessibility. If your student lives in Changi or Woodlands, he/she will probably get charged more because it’s much harder and less convenient to travel to their location. However, this is also partly the reason why private home piano teachers in Singapore tend to teach students near where they live while students also tend to pick teachers who live near them so that they get charged slightly less.

Third of all, it really depends whether you want to take this gig as a private home piano teacher seriously. If you get 1 student per day of the week, this is an estimated $1400 (7 * $200) you will earn per month. This is likely able to be the case for a part time piano teacher. However, if you want to dedicate your life to teaching piano lessons, then you can teach up to perhaps 3 to 5 students per day (while only working total of 3 to 5 hours daily) and make an estimated $5600 a month, which is a respectable amount in Singapore. The easiest way to get to this level is to both search for students yourself as well as partner with an existing piano agency (e.g., which can help you source for additional music students, and thus eventually turn your part time gig into a full time business. There is nothing more rewarding than absolute working freedom on your terms – being self employed as a private home piano teacher in Singapore allows you to do just that!