5 Piano Tips & Tricks For Beginners

Here are 5 tips to help you improve your playing of the piano if you are still a beginner. For more tips, refer to https://sglearnpiano.tumblr.com/

First tip to bettering your piano playing is to actually record the playing. Most piano beginners are too obsessed with the technicalities and worrying about the next note, and not really listening to how the piano playing actually sounds! Many beginners are shocked by how different their actual playing sounds when played through a recorded video or audio file than what they think they are doing when they are playing the piano. By recording and then listening to your own playing, you will be able to quickly and drastically improve your ability to play the piano better.

Second of all, practise your piano playing dynamically. By modulating between soft and loud playing at the right places as drastically as you can, you will automatically sound more professional. Most beginners underestimate the amount of strength variation in hitting the keys to make the keys sound loud or soft. You practise this by playing the loud keys as loudly as you can while having the piano on ‘silent’ mode, while practising the soft keys on normal. Then, you combine the playing together on normal mode and you will make your piano playing sound much more dramatic.

Third of all, play the piano like you are giving a massage. Do not bang the keys, as you will be hearing a lot of clicking sounds of your fingers hitting the piano keys.

Fourth of all, always keep your forearms warm. The reason for this is because your finger muscles are tightly connected to your forearm muscles. When your forearm muscles are feeling cold, your muscles move slower, and in a more restricted fashion. Therefore, you will not be able to play the piano as well as you should. By keeping yourself warm, you will be able to play the piano more expressively.

Finally, as a beginner, you want to keep your head pointed straight ahead, and simply use your eyes movement to look at both the piano scores as well as the notes. Although professional pianists overexaggerate their head movements at time, you should not copy them. Professional, commercial pianists are already unconsciously competent at what they do. Until you reach that stage, keep to the fundamentals.