Working In Singapore Courier & Delivery Services Industry

Ever considered a career in the exciting logistics and delivery services industry in Singapore or something similar?

There are many logistics jobs in Singapore that you can do in Singapore, ranging from a logistics coordinator to a deliveryman. Of course, depending on your passion, you should apply and check out different jobs in the logistics industry in Singapore.

As the trading hub in South East Asia, Singapore is a vibrant country for business and operations for E-commerce distribution and delivery. There are many businesses which have incorporated in Singapore and doing business in Singapore due to the high population density. In terms of business, Singapore is a hot spot for Asian E-commerce businesses. As a result of the boom in the E-commerce industry, the logistics industry in Singapore has grown rapidly as well and more jobs pertaining to delivery and courier services in Singapore have been popping up nearly every week!

Check out the following video of people sharing their experiences working as a logistics coordinator.

On the other hand, if your goal is to be more hands on in this courier delivery services industry in Singapore, then you might want to check out courier jobs instead of coordinator jobs.

The following is a video of the daily life of a courier driver. It may be tough, but it can be really fulfilling and pays really well especially if you’re willing to work hard as a freelancer for courier companies in Singapore like PCA Masters or Regent.