What you should expect from courier services in Singapore

The courier services industry is very established in Singapore. Since the 1990s, though it is a small market then, the courier services industry has slowly grew to be a sizable market in Singapore. From the constant innovations throughout the years, you can be sure that the courier services in Singapore are great now.

These are what you should expect from Singapore courier services.

Singapore courier services focus greatly on service quality. Service starts when you first approach the courier companies for quotation. You will notice that most of the sales support staffs are friendly and patient with you. Next, you will pass your items to a friendly courier who will come over to your location to pick up the items from you. You will then get constant updates on your delivery status from the courier company. The entire process is developed to make the customers feel assured and pleased with the courier company’s services. Customer satisfaction is of huge importance to the courier companies because they want the customers to stick to them and not hop over to the competitors.

In addition, courier services are incorporating the latest technologies to make the processes more efficient. You will have noticed some courier companies implemented website applications and mobile applications for client log in purpose. When logged into these applications, customers will be able to find out quotations and request for deliveries automatically and efficiently. As compared to the traditional way of contacting a sales support staff via email or phone call, this usage of website and mobile applications has greatly saved time for both the customers and the courier companies.

It is to be noted that different pricing models exist for courier services in Singapore. Some courier companies use a distance-based pricing model while others use a weight-based pricing model. There are also a few courier companies that use a region-based pricing model. You should analyze their different pricing model to see which model suits you best in terms of overall cost.